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Quick Overview

Screen Control for Gateway Monitors

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Frustrated with pushing buttons? - EzTune takes the confusion out of making screen adjustments.

DIY instructions - On-screen instructions with helpful images remove the guesswork.

Easy to get started - Step-by-step wizard holds your hand as you change the settings.

For novices and power users - Simple Brightness/Contrast controls can be enhanced with fine-tuning color adjustments.

Works with Gateway monitors - Model numbers: XHD3000, FHD2700, FPD2485w, FHD2400, FHD2401, FPD2275w, FPD2285w, FPD2185w, FPD1976w, HD2200, HD2201

Support - EzTune comes with the full support of Portrait Displays, backed by over 15 years of experience in software design for computer displays.

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System requirements - EzTune is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Product Description

Optimum performance of Gateway displays can only be achieved through proper setup and adjustment. Your personal environment, such as room lighting, display placement, and your own vision, can affect the way the screen looks. Without EzTune, even simple adjustments to Brightness, Contrast, or Geometry require you to navigate through an awkward sequence of pushing buttons on the monitor.

EzTune is the perfect utility, with a state-of-the-art user interface to adjust the display to achieve its optimum performance. EzTune can be used daily to quickly make adjustments or automatically load a predefined setting to tune the display to the work at hand.

To get started, a Wizard guides you through the simple steps to adjust the display. Upon completion, the changes you've made can be saved for retrieval later. If the display needs fine-tune adjustments, take advantage of the other features in EzTune, such as Color Calibration, White Point control, and Pivot to rotate the screen image.

Any of the changes you make throughout the day can be saved so the settings can be repeated as your work environment changes. For example, at the start of the day, you may catch up on your social media, perfect for portrait mode, high contrast, and a dimmer display. Later, as you become more productive, you can switch to landscape mode, a cooler white point, and a brighter display. In the evening, you can dim the display, but this time you can choose a warmer white point for watching movies. Once established, all of these settings can be just a click away.